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Safeinjection V2-Controller

Item number: SP20101

Boost Cooler System monitoring and protection system. Perfect for aggressive tuning and ultimate safety device.

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Snow Performance Safe Injection? system for system monitoring and optional ignition or boost pressure reduction!

The Safe Injection? controller is installed between the pump outlet and the atomizer nozzle(s). When the flow rate drops below a preset value, the controller sends a 12 volt control signal. Moreover, the Safe Injection activation is indicated by a warning LED in the vehicle interior.

The monitoring of the flow rate involves all possibilities of disabled injection:

  • Empty liquid container
  • Blocked line or nozzle
  • Defect in the pump or controller etc.
  • Flaked pressure line ("overflow detection")

The 12-volt control signal of the SafeInjection? can be used for the following applications:

  • Triggering an ignition control unit / ECU to reduce the ignition (e.g. of MSD, J&S Safeguard) or to switch to a different mapping (e.g. HKS F-CON VPro)
  • As a trigger signal for lowering the boost pressure with a retrofitted Boost Controller ("electronic boost controller")
  • To trigger a solenoid valve, which reduces the boost pressure on a turbocharged vehicle with wastegate (see art.no. SP20102)

The possibilities are almost limitless! For example, you can make a very aggressive engine tuning on the Boost Cooler and ensure the optimum safety of your engine.

Boost pressure / ignition reduction system for the Boost Cooler water / methanol injection! Including warning LED and flashing materials.

  • Possibility of a safe and simultaneously extreme tuning
  • Automatic reduction of the boost pressure or the ignition, when the Boost Cooler injection volume is insufficient
  • Variable alarm activation point
  • Optional solenoid valves for opening a waste gate or bypass valve to reduce the boost pressure
  • Fast response time enables real-time flow rate display (see item no. SP20106)

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