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More Power and Torque

As with any intercooler, the Boost Cooler® suppresses detonation, so more power producing boost and/or timing can be utilized. Methanol cools the charge and combustion, too but also acts like an extremely high octane fuel. By injecting a mix of water/methanol in combination by using 95octane gasoline, you will achieve identical results as with 116 octane race fuel. So there’s no need to tank 98/100 octane gasoline!

Intercooler - Intercooling

Compared to performance intercooler, there´s no loss of boost pressure and still a great throttle response!

Engine Protection

The thermical stress on the engine will greatly be reduced. So the Boost Cooler® is also perfect for NOS tuned cars, LPG-Autogas and for race track applications.


As a first time buyer, you’ll receive a guarantee of 25 years for the complete Boost Cooler® kit including our pump. On racetrack cars, we’ll grant you a 2 year full warranty.

Motorsports approved

The Boost Cooler is successfully used in international motorsport.

More Power (Turbodiesel)

Unlike gasoline engines, the power in a turbo diesel is largely a function of fuel. The problem with continually adding fuel is that you create an over-fueling condition and reach a point where the exhaust gas temperatures become prohibitive. A 50/50 water/alcohol mix will decrease EGT's while increasing power up to approx. 25%.

Greatly reduced EGTs! (Gasoline/Turbodiesel)

Decreased of 100°C are common by using a 50:50 Water-Alcohol Mix. This prevents the usal problems associated with high exhaust car temperatures - rings sticking, holes pistons etc. Increased EGTs are an engine killer in today's performance diesel world. In Turbodiesels, the increased combustion efficiency means less particulate matter and NOX emissions.

Carbon Free Combustion Chamber

There are no wear issues resp. carbon free combustion chamber by using the Boost Cooler. The pistons, exhaust valves etc. will be free of any deposits.