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Snow Performance Safe Injection
The Water Injection Failsafe device

When you want to push the limit of your engine with your Boost Cooler water-methanol injection system you need a bulletproof fail-safe device that will intervene if water-methanol flow is stopped or interrupted. Snow Performance offers a unique Safe injection (US Patent no. 20070144485A1) water-methanol failsafes. 

The Snow Performance Safe Injection monitors water/water-meth flow when ever your Boost Cooler system is active. If injection flow goes below a user set point the Safe Injection v2-controller will trigger a 3-way solenoid to cut boost or tie directly in to a aftermarket ECU with a timing retard switch to cut timing. This way you can run a very aggressive tune with 100% safety!

The optional water-methanol 52mm flow gauge can tie directly into the Safe Injection and read real time flow through the system showing you exactly what's happening. A very useful add-on for race applications that depend on water-methanol injection for their tune!